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The Red-Bike Project

10 April 2012 No Comment

Last week, my friend Jake Flores posted online about needing a bike. Not knowing for sure if I actually could, I told him I could help him out. I went digging around on my back porch, which serves as a bicycle graveyard of sorts, and this is what I came up with:

It’s an old Schwinn Traveler I’d originally rescued from a dumpster up the street because it had a nice basket on the front (which is now on my Grocery Bike). This was kind of a reassembly project, since the bike was unrideable, but had all its pieces when I got it.

I set Jake up with a make-shift single speed. This was done by putting a six-speed rear wheel on without a derailer, and then putting the chain on the cog that lines up with the single sprocket in the front. Its not the best way to do a conversion of this kind, but it works.

The handlebars were stock, but I love them. I used some Oury grips leftover from a previous build, and the lever is a vintage Dia-Compe Tech 3 from one of my first BMX bikes. I made sure Jake knew that it was a piece of history.

The only thing I had to purchase was some minor brake parts. Total cost of this build: $11.37.

Admittedly, this thing could use a front tire, some better pedals, and some of the parts could use some rust-removal, but it’s road-worthy: I rode it to the bike shop to get the brake parts. Here’s hoping it serves Jake better than his last (recently stolen) steed.