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SubRosa Pandora DTT: Flatland Ready

1 August 2011 No Comment

At long last, I finished building my new flatland bike. This build is based on a SubRosa Pandora DTT frame with 19″ double toptubes (hence the “DTT”) and a gun-metal, raw finish. The forks are Primo Strands.

Odyssey Milk Bars, Aaron Ross grips, and Elemetary V3 stem comprise the front end. Eclat levers hold down the Hombre brakes front and rear. Something looks a bit off, huh?

Odyssey Chase Gouin tires and Shadow rims with a Bruce Crisman Reverse freecoaster on the back and an Odyssey Vandero hub on the front make up that which rolls (mad thanks to A.J. at The Peddler for building these wheels for me). Sequence Pirate Pegs up front and Day Smith pegs on back provide extra places for feet and feats.

Here are the SubRosa Bitchin Cranks, BlackOps sprocket, and Shadow Ravenger plastic pedals that make up the drivetrain (Ronnie’s sending me a new Shadow chain soon). Not pictured is the old Primo Hemorrhoid seat I’m running.

Many thanks to Kip Williamson, Ronnie Bonner, Sandy Carson, Brian Tunney, John, Mike, and Bryce at Clowndog, A.J. at The Peddler, all those dudes at Empire, and Tommy and James at Ozone for helping me get this thing together.

And here’s an action shot: a Rolling Nightmare for A.J.