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Sandy Carson’s New Backpack

11 August 2014 No Comment

Our cycling friend, beer enthusiast, and photographer Sandy Carson has designed a new, durable DSLR Camera Photo Backpack. The Storrist Pack is a bag to replace all other bags.

Storrist Pack

Sandy explains his bag’s concept:

I consider this the ultimate bag for a cycling photographer, city commuter, or all-terrain weekend warrior. It serves the photographer, the commuter and those who want to be adventurous and get lost or party in the woods far away from the civilized world. Most professional photographers own two or three camera bags, but most of us want a bag that can easily hold a basic film or digital SLR, laptop, some personal belongings, and a few accessories. Finding a bag that is comfortable to ride with is the main issue and this bag is meant to solve that problem.

The main top compartment is designed to hold your laptop and all other shenanigans that a person commuting to work or trying to escape the city might need storage for, and it will be spacious, much like the cornucopia bag.

See more photos and vote for Sandy’s backpack here.