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Comprehensive Exams Web Edit

Whilst I was completing my comprehensive exams for my Ph.D. studies, I rode my flatland bike as much as possible in an attempt to keep my head straight. The video below is a compilation of some of those sessions. Some of the camera placement is pretty sketchy and I’m basically just doing the same five tricks over and over, but here it is nonetheless [runtime: 2:41]:

I also neglected to thank Kip Williamson, The Clowndog dudes, Taj Mihelich, Sandy Carson, A.J. at The Peddler, Tommy at Ozone, as well as Chad and …


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SubRosa Pandora DTT: Flatland Ready

At long last, I finished building my new flatland bike. This build is based on a SubRosa Pandora DTT frame with 19″ double toptubes (hence the “DTT”) and a gun-metal, raw finish. The forks are Primo Strands.

Odyssey Milk Bars, Aaron Ross grips, and Elemetary V3 stem comprise the front end. Eclat levers hold down the Hombre brakes front and rear. Something looks a bit off, huh?

Odyssey Chase Gouin tires and Shadow rims with a Bruce Crisman Reverse freecoaster on the back and an Odyssey Vandero hub on the front make …

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Lily’s new Masi Speciale

This is the finished version of a four-day project that included one trip to a local residence and half a dozen trips to four different bike shops. I got it all together and color-coordinated before Lily got back from visiting family though, so it was a success.

This is the beginning. I picked up this Masi frame and forks with wheels, stem, bars, and seat post with my own Grocery Bike. This set-up was the basis for this build (Thanks, Jimmy!).
Next I put on a short, BMX-style Origin-8 stem, trimmed-down Origin-8 …


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My Sunday Model-C is Finally Complete

Yes, after almost a year of hemming and hawing, waiting to see if Sunday was actually going to release Morning 24 forks with 990 mounts, I finally just put the damn thing together.

I’m trying out some Salt Plus U-brakes on the rear (not pictured), and so far I like them better than any other brakes I’ve had (way better springs than standard 990s). A.J. at The Peddler built these wheels with Sun Rim Rhyno Lite rims, an Odyssey Vandero front hub, and a KHE Reverse freecoaster on the back. Odyssey …


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The BMX-Files: A Brief History in Two DVDs

In the June, 1987 issue of FREESTYLIN’ Magazine, underground BMX rider and zine-maker Carl Marquardt described a ramp trick he called a “flakie”: a backflip fakie air. His friend and fellow rider Paul Mackles had offered him $100 if he pulled it. Three years later, Mat Hoffman did the damn thing at a contest in Paris. In his usual methodical style, Mat worked on it in secret in Oklahoma for months beforehand. As he puts it in The Ride of My Life (Harper-Entertainment, 2002), “To make it, I needed at …

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The Rules of the Road

I was walking to class today, and I was almost mowed down by a guy on a fixed-gear. I was crossing a street, in the crosswalk, where I clearly had the right of way, but he rang his bell and blew by right in front of me, running the stop sign on the corner. I’d already been conceiving this post in my head and that was the last straw. Being a frequent rider of bikes on the streets of many cities, as well as a frequent pedestrian, I have come …

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My Pick-Up Grocery Bike

I built this bike from pieces left over from other projects, bikes I found in garbage piles, bikes left next to dumpsters, and a few small but crucial parts from The Austin Yellow Bike Project. After completing it and riding it for about a month now, I am convinced that it’s a viable set-up for more than just trips to the grocery store.

This build centers on a Spalding “Blade” ladies hybrid frame that was left in the garbage at my old place here in Austin. The geometry is not super …


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This is Old School

Well, the second giant Old School BMX gathering of the year hath gone down. From Nuno Oliveira and Defgrip:
I hit up the Old School BMX show in Bellflower, CA today. As you can image, there was Old School BMX all over the place, and I was on hand to shoot some photos of it. There was a great turnout, and a bunch of rad stuff being displayed.
Click through to check out the pics, and click HERE to check out more on Ride.

Many thanks to Nuno for …