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Lily’s new Masi Speciale

12 July 2011 No Comment

This is the finished version of a four-day project that included one trip to a local residence and half a dozen trips to four different bike shops. I got it all together and color-coordinated before Lily got back from visiting family though, so it was a success.

This is the beginning. I picked up this Masi frame and forks with wheels, stem, bars, and seat post with my own Grocery Bike. This set-up was the basis for this build (Thanks, Jimmy!).

On the stand at Clown Dog

Next I put on a short, BMX-style Origin-8 stem, trimmed-down Origin-8 Urban Riser bars, Origin-8 cranks, Fly platform pedals (that match the stickers perfectly), nickel-plated chain, a freewheel, and front and rear brakes.

It features a flip-flop rear hub (Lily is fixed-curious), front and rear Spok lights, and the whole thing clocks in at 21.13 pounds.

Many thanks the bike’s to previous owner Jimmy, John at Clown Dog, Tommy and James at Ozone, and A.J. at The Peddler.