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HEADTUBE is about bicycles. We believe they are the most perfect form of transportation: good for people, good for everything.

Bicycles are revolutionary.

HEADTUBE is about bicycle culture. All of the peripheral accoutrements that accompany the two-wheeled experience. The parts. The products. The people. Things are different from behind bars. Things are better when you push yourself.

HEADTUBE is about motivation. We’re pushing people.

Staff Stuff

Editor: Roy Christopher

Roy Christopher started riding BMX in 1979. He raced once in 1980, and then discovered what was then called “Freestyle.” He competed in flatland competitions from 1984 until 1991, placing nationally (2nd in 14-15 flatland, AFA Masters, Dothan, Alabama, 1986) and regionally (3rd overall in 16-18 flatland, NBL Southeastern states series, 1987).

An avid zine-maker, Roy C. and his friend Matt Bailie started “Rad Rag” in 1986. After changing the name to “The Unexplained” the next year, theirs became one of the premier zines of the underground BMX scene. His thoughts regarding that era can be seen in the FREESTYLIN’ Magazine reunion book, Generation F.

Ditching his car over a decade ago, Roy Christopher’s main mode of transportation is his bicycle(s). Though he’s expanded his fleet, he continues to ride BMX and dabble in flatland.