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Alexis Desolneux: Heresy for Hire

Once upon a buzz in the conquest of cool, there was a thing called brand hijacking. This was the phenomenon, sometimes frowned upon, of a brand being supposedly inadvertently associated with a certain subculture or movement. Think Pabst Blue Ribbon, Tommy Hilfiger, or Converse Chuck Taylors. It turns on the idea that the image of a brand belongs to the market, not to the company that cultivates that image.
The only antidote is an image so strong that there’s no other way to take it. Over the past several years, Alexis Desolneux and his …

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Spatial Effects: Cars, Cities, and Social Movements

In his essay, “Garcetti’s Bridge to Bicycle Nowhere,” LA writer Joseph Mailander (2014) describes the harrowing bike ride across the half-mile Hyperion-Glendale Bridge between “the lands the freeways forgot,” Los Feliz and Silver Lake. The traffic signals there currently afford a brief, semi-safe interval between the roaring cars and trucks on the road. “And how are they making this bridge safer?” asks Mailander. “By making the traffic even faster and daring the cyclists to mix with the motorists even more.”

Just about everything I’ve read about urban development has faulted the car for …

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That Which Rolls: Bicycles and the Future

“If I am asked to explain why I learned the bicycle,” writes Frances E. Willard in her 1895 book How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle, “I should say I did it as an act of grace, if not of actual religion” (p. 73). I grew up riding bicycles, so I often take the fun and freedom they afford for granted. Having seen several adults squeal with childlike glee after riding a bike for the first time in years or the first time ever, I am reminded of my own …


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1985 Haro Master Restoration Final

As many of you know, I sold my 1985 pink Haro Master to a good guy named Jason. He restored it to its former state and has been rock-walking down nostalgia lane all summer. Here’s how it looks:

And Jason had this to say:
I have completed the look of your master and how it will stay. It is going up on the wall forever. Riding was a blast this summer, but it’s time to retire it before I really do some damage. I enjoy it every single day, I just love …


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Mike Daily: Writing is the Solvent

I remember the first Aggro Rag I ever got. It was the thickest zine I’d ever seen. Its sixty pages weren’t folded as much as they were just curved in the middle, struggling against their own bulk. The product of one Mike Daily, Aggro Rag was the premier BMX zine. Heavy on the goings-on of The Plywood Hoods out of York, Pennsylvania, their tricks and travels, and the national BMX scene of the time, Daily’s rag rivaled the national glossies for writing and relevance.
Daily came to visit me a couple …

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Shift Happens: The Sociology of Bicycle Technology

Those disgruntled with our current “technopoly,” as Neil Postman famously called it, often argue for returning to a simpler time. This is, of course, impossible, as even their visions of simpler times include technology. For example, in The Nature of Technology (Free Press, 2009), Brian Arthur envisions a world where all of our modern technologies disappear, yet we’d still be left with some. He writes, “We would still have watermills, and foundries, and oxcarts; and course linens, and hooded cloaks, and sophisticated techniques for building cathedrals. But we would once …


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1985 Pink Haro Master Restoration Project

As many of you know, I had a 1985 Haro Master in the rare pink colorway. Well, I sold it. Sorry, I didn’t feel sentimental about it at all, and I didn’t do it for the money either. I was moving and it was time to let it go. It deserved a home that would appreciate it.

The kind gentleman who bought it was stoked to restore it to its original glory. He shared some photos of the project, which I am in turn sharing with you here.

Here, Jason was trying …

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Fairdale Parser Express

After over a year of lusting after Taj’s Fairdale bikes, I finally broke down and got one. I went for the red frame as I’ve been riding a black Paké frame for almost four years.

The geometry of the Fairdale frame is little more forgiving than the Paké, and this build feels more agile to boot. Aside from it being a fixed-gear, I ride it like a giant BMX bike, so that’s good.

As with all of my bikes, this one is BMX-inspired. I put BMX cruiser bars and Odyssey Aaron Ross …

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The Red-Bike Project

Last week, my friend Jake Flores posted online about needing a bike. Not knowing for sure if I actually could, I told him I could help him out. I went digging around on my back porch, which serves as a bicycle graveyard of sorts, and this is what I came up with:

It’s an old Schwinn Traveler I’d originally rescued from a dumpster up the street because it had a nice basket on the front (which is now on my Grocery Bike). This was kind of a reassembly project, since the …